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Aruba Papillon Restaurant serves delectable game meat to its employees

Posted by Aruba Restaurants on December 8, 2014

Papillon-Restaurant-lucky-to-taste-all-the-exquisite-game-meat.jpgCourtesy of: Aruba Daily

Last week Chef Michael prepared all the game meat that is on the hunting season menu, especially for all the employees of Papillon Restaurant.

The employees set the table ready and were excited to taste all this game meat.

They tried every delightful dish; from wild boar to the traditional slowly cooked hare. They received explanations about the different sides, the special way of preparation and the particular sauces chosen with this exquisite game meat.

Now that the employees know everything about the game menu it is time for the guests at Papillon Restaurant to enjoy the perks of the European fall, like boar, hare and deer.

Europeans love eating game. Controlled hunting keeps the balance between the species and special permits are therefore sought-after in many countries. The hunt used to be a royal sport where noblemen with packs of dogs and foot folk left their fairytale castles only to return to beautiful, graceful queens and princesses to present their trophies. The most impressive heads were mounted and glorious tales about hunting days were told and re-told.

The season for the hunt runs from mid October until December in Europe. Of course no one goes hunting on Aruba. One won’t see green-coated, feather-capped men with shotguns creeping through the countryside. The hunting season for us means that one is able, only for a limited time, to buy game.

At Caribbean-French restaurant Papillon in The Village the game menu includes Pigeon, slowly cooked hare, grilled wild Boar chop and Tenderloin of Deer courtesy of Chef Michael. The special feeling of autumn, crackling fires and roasting chestnuts must be conjured up in the mind, but the uninhibited enjoyment of eating traditional, exuberant game is just as good at Papillon as in Europe.

Papillon is located across from the Radisson Resort on the Hi-Rise strip. For reservations, please call 586-5400.