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CILO City Lounge Aruba featuring new items to their menu

Posted by Aruba Restaurants on April 20, 2015

CILO.jpgCourtesy of: Aruba Daily

We have added several new dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on our existing menu-card! What do you think of a Tripoli Green salad? Would you like this salad with tuna chunks or chicken breast? Or do you like a Courgette Gratin, with stuffed zucchini and mozzarella?  Since we also have plenty of vegetarian dishes available for you! These dishes are highlighted with the famous green V. Easy to find the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner!

However, we don’t only have our regular menu- card… On Thursdays we have a special tapas menu card. CILO is offering five tapas choices, varying in price from $ 10 to $ 35. The first is a bread trio with tomato salsa, tzatziki and an olive tapenade; number two is a tapas platter with Prosciutto ham, aged cheese, marinated olives, deep-fried japaleño peppers stuffed with cream cheese and breaded grouper. Your third choice is a Land Combo consisting of chicken wings, spicy meatballs and a Carpaccio wrap to start with and beef stew, ribs and a chicken skewer to finish with.

Number three is called the Sea Combo: first tuna tataki, crab croquettes and a salmon wrap and then grouper, garlic shrimps and a mahi skewer. For those who can’t choose between land or sea  there is a special combo: the Land and Sea: one is served Carpaccio, tuna tataki and a chicken wrap before the salmon with a spinach sauce, breaded shrimps and beef skewer grace your table. All second courses are accompanied with potatoes `bravos’. Aiaiai…

Of course CILO’s special Sangria may be exactly what your palate is yearning for, but there is also a special wine menu available, which offers a terrific choice of unusual wines from the United States, Italy and South Africa to accompany your tapas. The wines are glowingly described so choosing will be easy for you.

So, for everybody, big or small, there’s plenty of choice!

Cilo is located in the Renaissance Marketplace and open from 7am – 1am