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Papillon’s “White Gold” Asparagus Season is Back!

Posted by on May 30, 2017

Papillon Restaurant is well known for making the most out of seasons throughout the year by using nothing but quality and fresh ingredients. The restaurant has just announced that “White Gold” is back! This 4-course Asparagus Menu is one of their most sought after and tasty monthly specials.

Located at The Village just across from the Hilton Resort, Papillon offers classic French dishes with a daring Caribbean flair making for a unique fusion cuisine that both locals and visitors can’t get enough of!

Their 4-course Asparagus Menu lasts as long as the white asparagus are in season (in Europe). Large batches of fresh asparagus are imported on a weekly basis! Depending on the weather the season typically starts sometime in April and lasts until the end of June. The menu consists of asparagus dish variations including: Crispy, Picked & Grilled with Norwegian Gravelax, Asparagus Papillon Style, Lamb’s Fillet and Shiitake, and Asparagus and Sweetness for dessert.

Papillon offers delicious monthly specials that allow you enjoy fresh produce with optimal taste. Stay tuned to our deals and special offers to discover which special is next!

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